Anatomy in motion™ is a unique method of using movement based practices to solve chronic pain issues and improve quality of life and performance. By treating the body as a single structure rather than focusing on the particular problem, Anatomy in motion™ works by reconnecting the nervous system with the body and re balancing the anatomical structure. The results can be astounding, with chronic pain often evaporating, performance improving,  and quality of life improving, Allowing you to achieve your full potential and feel comfortable in your body once again.



The approach we use with anatomy in motion is unlike any other. It is usually a 4 step process that requires as much input from the client as it does from the practitioner. This is not a “fix me” approach. The goal is to bring your body into alignment to create an environment where healing can take place naturally.



We will sit down and take an extensive history of any injuries, pain and issues. We then use a pressure plate, visual analysis and  other methods to determine your foot pressures and where your weight distribution lies.




Once foot pressures and weight distribution have been established, we will begin to examine the posture and do a  detailed physical exploration, moving each joint in the body through every plane of motion. During this process, any imbalances and blockages are noted.

For many clients this process in itself can be a mind blowing experience as they realize how limited they are in many ranges of motion.




After the exploration, all imbalances and blockages are mapped onto the Flow Motion Model™ which is a map of the human body in motion created by Gary Ward.

This map enables us to know where each joint in the body needs to be, in each phase of the gait cycle, in 3 dimensions.

This will point us towards a specific phase (or phases) of the gait cycle.




When we have identified the phases of the gait cycle that apply to you, we can then build customized exercises that will encourage your body and nervous system to safely and comfortably move into those missing ranges of motion.

The result is a more balanced, centered and optimized physical structure.

For people with chronic pain, a balanced structure will more often than not radically improve if not eradicate the symptoms. 





 The Gait Cycle

Gary Ward created the Flow Motion Model™: a map of the moving human body and the journey your body takes through the gait cycle. He recognised that when the heel hits the ground it’s possible that you can determine what each joint in the body is doing in all three dimensions at that particular moment in time. He identified five key phases of walking as we roll from heel to toe covering a journey of 0.65-0.8 seconds in which every single joint undertakes every single possible joint motion in all three dimensions! Sounds complex? That’s why we needed a map…

 What Happens During Movement?

During movement (both fundamental and sporting activities), the joints, ligaments and muscles in your body have a role to play and everything is dependent on all other parts being capable of doing their job to function optimally. When your body reduces movement to protect something, say due to previous injury for example, it exposes other areas which can become at risk – this may or may not be at the site of pain.

 What Does the Map Show Us?

The map has been created to provide a reference tool for all therapists with which to cross-reference static posture and /or dynamic motion and compare what the body is doing with what it could be doing when effortlessly flowing through gait (walking). The map guides us to use specific whole body movements to give movement back to the exposed areas while encouraging the structure to feel safe from previous injuries.

 How is this done?

Most therapies concentrate on stabilising structures. We recognise that movement is ever present in the system so why stabilise what should be mobilised? All joints move in concert with each other but they somehow lose their way over the years. Regardless of your discomfort, our goal is to teach your body to find centre by following the map of the Flow Motion Model. A centred and balanced body is one in which the human body holds the richest environment for your healing to take place.