Re-defining alpha

Re-defining Alpha

Alpha male,

The term conjures up different pictures for different folks.

To many, it brings up images of a tyrannical, overly dominant male that pushes his own agenda and uses intimidating tactics to achieve his goals.

But this is not the original and true description of the alpha state. It is more of a twisted modern version of what was originally a position of ultimate responsibility and sacrifice for the better of a group or tribe.

To understand what a true alpha is and how that should be expressed, we must look back (my favourite thing to do), beyond the formation of large scale societies, to our ancient cousins.

In small scale tribal structures, the one that rose to the leadership position would have to possess certain attributes :

Calm assertiveness

Empathy is probably not the first thing that sprang to mind when you thought "Alpha" but let me explain.

We now live in a society where the "leaders" are completely separated by several degrees from the actual members of the "tribe". So when they act in a tyrannical way or a way that is in their own interests rather than the group's interests, there is no comeback for them, no consequence for their terrible decision making.

In a small group or tribal setting, it operates very differently. If an alpha rises to a position of leadership or power, it is the support of the group that gets them there (votes them in essentially).

That individual must act for the best interests of the group. They must exercise empathy for all members of the tribe and lead in a way that keeps them in the good graces of the group.

If they don't do this, other (weaker) members of the group will band together and take them out.

We can see this clearly with chimps where a tyrannical alpha will quite often have a short run of power followed by a revolution where the other males will band together and overthrow them. Usually quite violently.

That is the self governing beauty of a tribal system and the built in checks and measures :

You may be the meanest, strongest one in the group, but you can never be stronger than the group itself, so you'd better fucking treat people as you would like to be treated or you will suffer the consequences.

If you act in a way that is contrary to the good of the group as a whole, you risk the wrath of the group turning on you.

So the tyrannical "Alpha" is not a true Alpha, they are merely an insecure, selfish and ego driven megalomaniac that can force their agenda through intimidation or deception.

The modern world has just created a situation where there is a barrier between these people and the consequences of their actions.

A true Alpha is one that brings calm, assertiveness to the table, one that acts with courage for the greater good of their group, one that shows empathy for the weaker and less able, one that leads by example, and one that puts the group's needs above their own.

The tyrant is all nervous energy and insecurity, that's why they need to be dominant and pushy and get their way through bullying and intimidation. They will reveal little about themselves except for boasting and posturing about their accomplishments.

A true Alpha is open and true, self - sure but not boastful. A true alpha is not afraid to reveal or expose their inner feelings and even their weaknesses, because they are coming from a place of truth and self assuredness. (every superhero has their weakness for a reason, it makes them more relatable) Their single greatest attribute is empathy and care for others in the group.

The path of the true Alpha is a journey of introspection and self betterment.

So forget the bullshit "alpha" narrative that we have been fed, embrace the old way, lead with courage, empathy and truth.

Be a shining example of what an authentic man can be. We need this now.
More than ever.


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