The warrior within

The plight of modern man.


Our story is an incredible one,

our minds and bodies evolved over millennia to be the very pinnacle of adaptability, our ability to problem solve and think abstractly in times of crisis is unparalleled amongst all animals. For the last 3 million years, we have been locked in an unending battle to survive, living from day to day, unsure what the chaos of the next dawn would bring for us and our people.


We rose to each day, ready for battle, ready to face whatever chaos mother nature would throw our way, ready to do what it took to ensure the survival of ourselves, our tribe, and ultimately, our species.


Society would have us believe that the very traits that allowed us to survive and thrive amidst the chaos of the wild, are now somehow "bad" traits that we must suppress.

I say no!!!

We are savage.

We are animals,

We are homosapiens,

We are programmed to live on the edge, riding the fine line between chaos and order,

To cherish the essence of adventure.


Not to sit on a couch eating nachos and vegetating in front of a screen.

we need challenge,

we need adversity,

we need our brothers

we need to know the measure of our spirit

we need to know our value !


If we suppress these innate built in needs, then we suppress our very essence.

We become like a tiger in the zoo, angry and miserable, we lash out at those around us for no reason.


We need to honor these ancient, innate parts of ourselves and celebrate them.


Because if we don’t nurture these built in traits that we have, if we suppress them, over time they will seep out through the cracks in ways that we have no control over. They will manifest in putrid and horrible ways.


This is the plight of modern man, hobbled, gagged and caged.


No longer encouraged to explore, to run free, to jostle and fight with our brothers!


Like lions pacing behind the bars in the zoo that is modern society.


But it doesn’t have to be that way !


Unlike the lion, we have consciousness, we have will, and we have the ability to shape our own reality………..


If we have the courage and humility to look inside ourselves and listen without prejudice. To take heed of that little voice that we’ve been ignoring for so long.


Because inside every one of us is a warrior, an explorer, a fearless hero with a mission and a purpose that aids in the greater good


But he has been suppressed, told that he is not desirable in this world.

Since early boyhood, we have been told to push him back into the deepest part of ourselves and only to let him out in private.


So it may take some searching, some looking in, before you hear the voice of your inner hero call from the abyss……. But he is there, waiting.