"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."
Edmund Burke

Where have the mighty hero's gone?
Those fine examples of men, that made sacrifice beyond measure for the greater good.

Those who were willing to spill their very life blood so that we could live this comfortable life, free from risk and fear.

Those men who's stories filled me with morals and higher order thinking when I was still just a boy too young to understand the true essence and power of the narrative!

Yet without even understanding, I still drew deep lessons from these stories of Hercules, Chuchullain, Oddyseus and other imperfect but virtuous Heroes.

Speak the TRUTH, be COURAGEOUS , and have EMPATHY for your fellow man.

This is a simple doctrine, but it rings true as a moral code to live by.

Because men left untempered, without a code, become dangerous and destructive animals!

We desire a cause, we need a cause!

To guide us, to give us a direction to orientate ourselves towards good,
now more than ever before!

And now, I feel nauseous at the thought of people who would have the audacity to tread carelessly upon the graves of these mighty hero's, to speak ill of their achievements and to condemn their mighty deeds to the realm of patriarchy, barbarism or warlike selfishness.

In reality, these men are most likely fictional, but their stories are archetypal, they are a road map for us to follow, the narrative contains a treasure that has grown and formed over millennia.

You see, every human possesses both the shadow and the light simultaneously, and it is not our score of mighty deeds that makes us hero or villain, Rather the small decisions that we make minute to minute, hour to hour and day to day.

Giving up your seat for an elderly person is an act of heroism.

Putting a friend's interests before your own is heroic.

A father working 2 jobs to give his children a better life than he himself had is an act of heroism.

A mother, sacrificing her body to bring new life into this world is true act of heroism.

It is the small acts day to day, the consistent decisions we make are what make us hero or coward.

When we shrink from challenges and fail to put others before ourselves, our world shrinks and we become less than we could be. We walk the path of the coward.

When we rise to challenges and think selflessly, our world grows and we begin fulfill our potential. We walk the path of the hero

I remember a great mentor of mine telling me this: "We do not rise to the occasion, we fall to the level of our habits and our training"

Many of us live in denial and we think that when something happens, we will rise to the occasion, but in reality the opposite is true, when crisis strikes it is the patterns that are ingrained in us through repetition that come to the surface, not our fantasies and ideals.

If you think of every choice that you make, every decision, either moving you towards the path of the hero or the path of the coward.

Every decision is making you weaker or making you stronger.

Stop doing things that make you weak, because if we make ourselves weak, we make the species weak, in every decision we have the choice to walk the hero's path or the cowards path.

The responsibility of a man is to be ready, to prepare himself, for the unthinkable eventualities that may come to threaten him and (more importantly) his family and the greater good. To put himself in a position where he knows that he will take the correct action when the opportunity arises, that he will make the heroic choice if and when that time comes.

This is a heavy burden to bear, the thought that if you fail in this duty you not only fail yourself but those close to, and dependent upon you.

I believe that the preparation for this happens in every little choice that we make. Each choice being a vote for heroism or a vote for cowardice. each choice moves us closer or further away from realising our ultimate potential as a man. Closer to finding that hero deep within us.

Ultimately, I think that the opposite of heroism is not really cowardice but apathy, doing nothing, not caring. Going back to the quote at the start of this, doing nothing is the true act of cowardice.

This is where I feel society is letting us down. muting our young men and telling them that all of their masculine instincts and traits are negative and toxic. We will have a culture of cowards if we don't educate our boys and young men on the importance of the heroic mindset.

we want men and boys that rise to the challenges instead of navel gazing and selfishly looking after themselves, we want boys and men that will go out of their way to help those less able.

Nothing is more detrimental to our soul than ignoring our moral compass and failing to act when we know that we could have acted in a heroic manner.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this, do you practice daily acts of heroism, do you go out of your way to help those less fortunate, do you educate your boys on the values of the heroic mindset???