The age of discipline

As Homosapiens, our brains are drawn to linear and direct processes.

Our thought patterns are built upon our ability to throw, which evolved from our ability to brachiate (swing) through the treetops.

Early man figured out that the brachiating (swinging) action of our shoulders allowed us to throw objects. (This ability is unique to primates)

This was possibly the greatest "aha" moment in human history. and it changed the course of our species forever!

Throwing meant that we now had the ability to control the world around us, without putting ourselves in immediate danger, an adversary could be pelted with stones and sticks, food from unreachable tree limbs could be knocked down. The world of hunting opened up to us. (much safer to kill a large animal from a distance than it is to get close enough to club it.)

Our world suddenly became much bigger and new opportunities arose.

We underestimate the monumental impact that throwing has had on us , it shapes how we approach problems and goals.

In the book "throwing fire" the author Alfred w crosby states "The ability to hit a rabbit sized target at 4 metres distance with a stone, is the evolutionary equivalent of a bat being able to hunt insects in complete darkness using echo location!!!!"

Throwing is deeply ingrained in our Psych.

We aim at a goal,
We launch a new product,
We hit financial targets.

The word sin means "to miss your mark".

This linear trajectory of a thrown object and it's ability make our life better (protect us from predators/provide us with food) is so deeply ingrained in our psychology that it is mirrored in our thought processes.

The act of launching a projectile into the unknown, powered by our will and our skill in unison can give us rewards that help us not only survive, but thrive.

This process is mirrored in our stories and lives.

Launching ourselves into the unknown, powered by our will and guided by our skill, can bring us rewards both physical and psychological that allow us to level-up and grow massively.

This is the arc (another throwing reference) of the hero's journey, or any story.

The hero throws themselves into the chaos of the unknown where he must rely on his will and his skill to defeat all manner of bad things and events. If his aim is true and his will is strong, he can return to his people with the "treasure", whatever that may be, (usually new knowledge and perspective that can benefit everybody in his tribe)

So we have this intrinsic preference for the linear. Moving from point A to point B constantly.

This is navigation.

And this is how we navigate the world and conceptualise it.

so we apply this logic of the "arc" to our lives and our own self development.

Aiming at a goal and perceiving it as a straight path of development.

unfortunately this is simply not how it works out in reality

Working towards a goal is more like a series of consecutive throws, each one leading us closer to the goal, but having to deal with a multitude of problems and diversions along the way.

The goal is far away and we have no way of knowing for sure what pitfalls and dangers lie between us and the target, we simply have to launch our selves as accurately as possible, see where we land, reassess, re adjust our aim, and launch ourselves again, having faith that our skill and our will are developed enough to allow us to deal with the issues that arise along the way.

That is an act of faith.

It is our ability to adapt and overcome that allows us to thrive.

And that ability can only be developed by practise.

By consciously stepping out of our comfort zone and aiming ourselves at some distant target without any true knowledge of how we will get there.

I feel like more and more, humans are seeking comfort above all else, we are becoming weak in mind, weak in body and weak in spirit.

I believe the answer lies in discomfort, actively putting ourselves in uncomfortable positions.

our ability to handle discomfort is like a muscle, it must be trained and developed or we lose it.

In the absence of natural stresses that help us to adapt, we must create our own stresses, we must make ourselves evolve, rise above our desires to be comfortable , fat and lazy.

The age of self discipline is upon us.

Those that give in to impulse and desire will fall by the wayside. Weakened in body and mind by their own lack of control.

As Aristotle said : "in discipline lies freedom"