This workshop is aimed at gyms and workplaces.

Anatomy in motion uses the natural sequences of movement that we find in the gait cycle to bring the bodies centre of mass back towards a neutral resting point. We call this “zero tension”.

The closer our body moves towards this point of “zero tension”, the less pain and dysfunction we see in the system. The more our body moves away from this neutral resting point, the more pain and dysfunction we tend to see.

There are 2 major players in this equation : the Feet, and the spine (including the pelvis, ribcage, and skull)

If we can get the feet and the spine moving correctly, the system as a whole is greatly optimized. 

With Anatomy in Motion, we take the natural shapes and movements from the human gait cycle and turn them into movement based “exercises”. These exercises are highly effective at re centering the whole system, loosening tissues and fibres where needed and tightening fibres and tissues to provide support where needed.

This 2 hour workshop focuses on restoring the natural relationship between the feet and the spine, it will give you real exercises to improve range of motion and posture.

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Our goal at FSM is not only to help our clients get fit, strong and lean, but educate them on how the body moves. Jody came out to FSM to work with our members and teach them a deeper understanding of how the body moves and why!
It was a great clinic with positive feedback from our members. I would highly recommend AIM for people with movement issues, injuries or if you want to educate yourself more on the how and why your body works.
— Stephen Kinsella - owner FSM gym bray.